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When you cannot decide what game to play, our 4-in-1 Games Table lets you pick one that suits your preference. With one table for soccer, pool, hockey and table tennis, our multi-game table is totally versatile and awesome. The table is strongly constructed of MDF board with extra braces between legs for better support and robust use. The game components are made durable and designed to last with constant game play. Easily switch between games without hassle and the table comes with all necessary game pieces and accessories for the four games.


*4-In-1: Soccer, hockey, table tennis and pool game

*Easily switch from one game to another

*All game pieces and accessories Included

*Compact and space-saving

*Luxury and modern design

*Quality MDF board made

*Stable feet


*Frame material: MDF

*Dimensions: Refer to images

*Playing area: Refer to images

*Simple installation is required

*Table tennis Set: Fibreboard tabletop, net and post set, two bats and one ball

*Table Hockey Set: Two pushers, two pucks, goal crease and score counter

*Pool Table Set: Sub: Two cues, pool chalk, six pockets, tri-angle and balls

*Table soccer set: ABS moulded players, score counter, anti-slip handles and two balls

Package Contents

*4-in-1 Games Table

* 1 x Table tennis set

* 1 x Table hockey set

* 1 x Pool table set

* 1 x Table soccer set

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