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Something's being raiding the chicken coop? Or getting into your kitchen via openings in the house? You suspect that it's an animal and thinking about a humane way of catching it. Let us help you out with our Humane Animal Trap. Designed to capture the animal live without hurting it, our eco-friendly Animal Trap is made of rust-resistant galvanised iron that features a spring-loaded door trap that only allows access in one direction. It has an automatic locking system that prevents the animal from getting out once it is inside the cage. Setting the trap is easy and a strong handle makes carrying the live capture safe for both animal and person. When not in use, the Trap can be collapsed and stored away. Please do check with your local authorities on animal trapping rules and regulations before use.

Large humane animal trap cage
Collapsible construction
Spring loaded door
Automatic door lock
Easy mobility and storage
Simple bait operation
Ideal for capturing pest alive
Perfect for removing pest animals in backyard

Material: Galvanised iron wire
Cage wire thickness: 2.5mm
Support wire thickness: 4.0mm
Frame thickness: 5.0mm
Handle thickness: 3.0mm
Size: 79 x 28 x 33cm
Colour: Silver

Package Content
1 x Large Humane Animal Trap Cage

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