Giantz 52CC Petrol Pole Chainsaw Brush Cutter Whipper Snipper Multi Tool

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Finally, the ultimate gardening machine to rival Edward Scissorhands. Featuring no less than seven different gardening tools and their respective attachments, the GIANTZ 7-in-1 Pro-series Pole Chainsaw is a mechanical marvel that makes light work of even the most challenging garden maintenance tasks. The 52cc 2-stroke motor is powerful and efficient and designed to cut, trim and sculpt with ease. It comprises a host of great features such as a super responsive motor, built-in anti-vibration mechanism, direct air injection carburettor and easy start system. Plus, 26mm premium anodised commercial alloy is used for the shafts and poles and commercial grade quick connect couplings are equipped with dual ball-bearing floating centres to make operating the tools smooth and easy. Genuine commercial spline fastening also ensure maximum stability when using the extensions. This exceptional pole chainsaw also comes loaded with a bonus accessory kit, including gloves, earmuffs, mini tool kit and fuel mixer.


7-in-1 Pro-series chainsaw with 7 gardening attachments

52cc 2-stroke engine

Built-in anti-vibration mechanism

Anti-slip padding

Direct air injection carburettor

Easy pull-start system

Superior 26mm anodised alloy poles

Easy access to all controlling switched

Shoulder strap included

Bonus tool kit and safety set



Engine: 2-stroke

Ignition: CDI

Displacement: 52cc

Power: 1.45kW/7500rpm

Fuel mix ratio: 25:1

Fuel tank capacity: 1.25L

Fuel type: Unleaded 95 + RON

Extension shaft

Coupling type: Dual floating bearing quick connect

Max reach height: 4.5m (When held at hip height)

Gardening attachments

Gardening saw brush cutter: 2T, 3T, 8T, 40T blade, 40T alloy blade

Whipper snipper: 1x 2 rope nylon head, 1x 4 rope alloy nylon head

Package Contents:

1 x GIANTZ 52cc 7-in-1 Pole Chainsaw

1 x Extension Poles

5 x Brush Cutter

2 x Whipper Snipper

1 x Safety Set

1 x Tool Kit

1 x User Manual

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