Giselle Bedding Memory Foam Mattress Topper Queen Bed Cool Gel Bamboo Cover 10CM

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Add that extra bit of comfort to your mattress. An extra 8cm to be precise with our cool gel mattress topper. And the difference is simply wonderful. That’s because our topper provides palpable relief to your pressure joints no matter how you sleep, a cooler sleeping surface and not least, individual contouring of your body shape thanks to the memory foam. The memory foam also helps to even body weight distribution, eliminate motion disturbance and dissipate body heat to keep your rest nice and cool. Eco-friendly in every way with its highly breathable bamboo fabric covering, our cool get mattress topper is just the extra that you need to turn your rest and sleep from good to great.

Note: As this is a gel-induced memory foam mattress, the gel will warm up slightly slower than the surrounding foam for a temporary cooling effect.


100% Visco elastic memory foam

Made of durable PU silicone gel

Eco-friendly bamboo fabric cover

Removable and washable zipper cover

Cool Gel Memory Foam

High density 60kg/m? memory foam

10cm thickness

Gel-infused memory foam

Over 1000 supporting points

Motion control elimination

Even weight distribution

Body heat dissipation

Body shape contouring

Cooler sleeping surface

Bamboo Fabric Cover

Jacquard bamboo fabric

Dust mite and mould resistant

Highly breathable material

Natural deodorisation


Anti-static and hygroscopic

Anti-skid base

Note: Topper is vacuum packed in the box.


Size: Queen

Dimensions: 203 x 153 x 10cm

Package Contents:

1 x Cool Gel Topper

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