Lawnporn Launch+ Turf Fertiliser

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Brand: Lawnporn


  • A professional starter and repair fertiliser
  • Kelp for biostimulant activity
  • Designed to be applied to the foliage or leaf of the turf
  • Suitable for all grass types
  • Ideal for establishing seeds or performing turf repairs

model number: ‎0LWNPNLH1


Lawnporn Launch+ is specially formulated for the start of the growing season, lawns under repair from stress or injury and establishing a new lawn. With high nutrient levels, we've also added the Kelp for biostimulant activity. This is a professional starter and repair fertiliser. As a key nutritional requirement in establishment and root system development, phosphorous is an essential component of Launch+, containing 10 percent P as phosphite, which provides sustained supply of phosphorus within the soil as it is converted to plant usable phosphate within the root zone. This is given to the root zone at a precise level as avoiding overloading the plant with phosphorous would compromise uptake of key micronutrients such as iron. Suitable for all grass types.

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