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About the Mearth S

Weave through traffic and conquer the rush hour with the Mearth S Electric Scooter. With a range of up to 25km that can be extended with a swappable battery, make your daily commute fun and efficient.

The Mearth is designed to be a cost efficient, durable and portable mode of transportation for commuters. Weighing only 12.5kg, this lightweight foldable electric scooter can travel for more than 32km with a replaceable battery that you can swap while on the go. In addition the scooter is fitted with a disc-brake system that ensures a safe ride on the road.

Designed in Australia, Mearth S is built to transverse our cities with ease. It is equiped with practical features that serve the needs of it's commuters.



*Colour display screen

*One second folding

*Reliable disc brake


*Model: Mearth S

*Unfolded size: 1073x420x1176cm

*Folded size: 1073x420x450cm

*Height from pedal to ground

*Net wt: 12.5kg

Basic Information 

*Capacity: 36V / 6.4 Ah

*Milage per charge: 15-25km

*Max speed: 25 - 32 Km/h

*Max Loading: 110kg

*Climbing angle: 15 degrees

Charger Specifications

*Input voltage: 100 - 240v

*Frequency: 50 - 60Hz

*Output voltage: 42v

*Output current: 1.5A / 2A

*Store temperature: -10C - 35C




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