Primeturf Synthetic 17mm 1.9mx5m 9.5sqm Artificial Grass Fake Turf Olive Plants Plastic Lawn

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Tired of mowing, weeding and trimming? Backyard or front yard resembles a mud haven or desert patch? How you wish you could have a perfect manicured lawn everyday without the hassles of maintaining it. Now you can with our Prime Turf Synthetic Grass. It looks so real that you can’t believe it’s artificial. Here’s why.

Our synthetic grass is a exceptionally real, which gives it the lush touch and feel of natural grass. Plus, the artificial grass is produced with realistic hues and tones. The similarity to real grass is uncanny.

The material used to manufacture the turf is chosen for its excellent properties, such as good resistance to wear, minimal moisture absorption and great electrical insulation to name a few. Nothing like those cheaper alternatives that compromise on quality to sell cheaper. Equally important, the backing of the turf encourages quick drainage and holds fast to the ground, even without any taping.


Durable wearing and dense multipurpose grass

Perfect lawn all the year round

Anti-fading yarn; UV stabilised

Certified Lead Free

Mowing and watering free

No pesticides and fertilizers required

Money, time and labour-saving

Easy to cut and install

Can be glued/pegged down or used loose laid

Children and pets safe


Pile height: 17mm

Machine gauge: 5/32inch

Tufted Density (d/M2): 60000

Stitch Rate (/10cm): 24

Backing Glue: Synthetic Glue

Yarn Denier (dtex): 2200

Width: 1.9m x 5m

Colour: Olive Green

Package Content

1 x 9.5SQM Synthetic Grass

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