Royale Soprano Ukulele (Natural)


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Perfect for beginners and intermediate players, this Ukulele features Italian-made nylon strings and comes with a tuner, carry bag, strap, two picks and a capo.

  • 1/4 Size 19” Soprano Ukulele
  • Italian-made Aquila nylon strings
  • Sapele wood body in matte finish
  • Nubone nut and saddle
  • Includes carry bag and guitar strap
  • 1 x Tuner, 1 x Capo, 2 x Picks

Get the island sound with the Royale Soprano Ukulele (Natural) that’s perfect for learning and mastering your musical skills.

Quality details

Experience the quality of sound created in the sapele wood body that produces a rich, warm tone and has a matte finish that makes it less susceptible to humidity and temperatures. Paired with Italian-made Aquila nylon strings renowned for their impressive volume and comfort, this ukulele features quality in every detail.

NuBone for better sound

Built with a NuBone nut and saddle, this ukulele produces an improved and more balanced tone from string to string than models that use plastic, bone or Corian.

All the accessories

Everything you need to play and take the instrument on your travels arrives in one pack, with two picks, an over-shoulder strap for easy strumming, a zippered travel case, a tuner and a capo.

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