Weisshorn 20L Outdoor Portable Toilet Camping Potty Caravan Travel Boating wtih Carry Bag

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This Weisshon 20L Portable Camping Toilet features high quality construction and generous water reserves. The high-density construction makes it strong and durable. It is tough enough to handle the challenging conditions. It has a 12 Litre freshwater capacity providing 50 flushes without recirculating. Both tanks are in one-piece with heavy duty and corrosion resistant side latches locking the tanks together. For your aesthetic requirements, the portable toilet has an attractive matte finish and is scratch resistant. It can be scrubbed clean without damage. It is perfect for camping, boating, caravans, cabins, you name it!


20L Portable Camping Toilet

High Quality Construction

Always flushes with fresh water

No external water or power connections required

12L freshwater capacity providing 50 flushes

Double sealed drain valve protects against leakage and doors

Corrosion resistant side latches lock tanks together

Easy to empty 20L detachable holding tank

Matte finish concealing scratches

Comes with a carry bag


Freshwater capacity: 12L

Waste tank capacity: 20L

Colour: Grey

Package Contents:

1 x 20L Portable Toilet

1 x Toilet carry bag

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